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Bio Remediation
Bio Remediation

Spills damage the soil. Our bioremediation restores the soil to as good or better condition than before the spill. When hydrocarbons or salt water are spilled, the site must be contained and the spill must be cleaned up.

Bioremediation is a process that uses microorganisms, fungi, plants, plant enzymes, or bacteria to treat the soil and return the environment to its original condition. Bioremediation solves the problem in place, avoiding the costly alternative of excavation, disposal and soil replacement.

Our state recommended bioremediation services provide comprehensive spill response and treatment options including:
  • Spill Response and Site Investigations
  • Site Investigations
  • Sampling & Analysis
  • Bioremediation Program

Spill Response and Site Investigations
Jerry’s Services provides 24 hour quick response service for spills. We can properly assess, contain and provide initial treatment to limit the effects and scope of a spill We can apply our scientifically engineered BioCal product to neutralize hydrocarbon/salt damage damage and halt further degradation.

Don’t let a small spill turn into a big problem.
  • Any spill off lease must be reported
  • 1 barrel or more must be reported to the state
  • Self-treating or flushing can make the problem worse
      North Dakota Industrial Commission – Oil and Gas Division: Incident Report

Soil Sampling & Analysis
Our soil sampling and analysis service helps you understand the scope and severity of the problem, and provides ongoing analysis of the recovery. Understanding the details of the environmental condition allows you to make better decisions about treatment and status of the site.

We collect soil samples, analyze them in our lab, and provide our customers with an abstract of how to proceed with their reclamation. Our soil analysis consists of testing for EC, PH and hydrocarbon percentage.

Bioremediation Program
Our bioremediation program treats spill contaminated areas damaged by hydrocarbons and salt water bringing the soil and vegetation back to life. Bioremediation is a more cost-effective solution that treats the contamination in place as opposed to extracting the soil and rebuilding the affected area.

Our systematic remediation process is scientifically sound and proven by our history of successful site restoration projects. Jerry’s Services has provided remediation services to many operators in the Williston Basin. We have hundreds of location examples of taking sites contaminated with hydrocarbons and returning them to 100% useable farmland.

Our remediation process includes:
  • Spill Response or Incident Identification
  • Preliminary Assessment and Initial Treatment
  • Site Map and Amendment Plan
  • Sampling and Monitoring Schedule
  • Project Abstract: project history, maps, progress reports and results summary

Our goal is to provide bioremediation solutions that lead to rapid, low-cost site cleanup and restoration with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.
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