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Bio Remediation

Restore soil damaged by saltwater, brine water, and hydrocarbon spills.

BioCal is a specifically blended liquid soil amendment consisting of a concentrated aqueous polymer solution of select positive cations.

When dissolved in freshwater and applied in conjunction with “soil washing” or as an overspray, it will enhance the remediation process in saltwater, brinewater, and hydrocarbon spills and releases.
  • Biodegradable
  • Environmentally safe
  • Easy to use
Generally, when a brinewater spill occurs, and at least initially, the sodium and chloride in the fluid counterbalance each other. Once the two are dissociated by contact with freshwater (as in soil washing), the sodium, which has a positive charge (cation), is attracted to the negatively charged anions predominant in most soils. Most of the hydrocarbons and chlorides can be washed away and recovered, but without help, mush of the sodium can remain in the soil, thus creating a long term problem with the soil matrix. Additionally, in the case of crude oil, the nitrates in the product will also aid in the biodegradation on the hydrocarbons.

BioCal provides a strong positive charge which, when applied in the proper manner, will help overcome the attraction of the negatively charged particles in the soil and allowing the sodium to be moved out of the soil zone and/or recovered.


In the instance of fresh spills, the simplest method is to add BioCal to the washwater and apply. It can also be used as an overspray or through any standard irrigation system.

BioCal is also effective in the remediation process of older historical spills or leaks and provides an efficient source of calcium and nitrates which will aid in the reconditioning process of the soil.

Rates of Application

A general "rule of thumb" guideline for "soil washing" and Quick Response Treatments, has been established, by Dr. Len Gawel of Biorem Consultants, LLC. Through experimentation, this rate has consistently proven to be effective as an aid in the remediation process of the soils of the Williston Basin Region.
  • Soil Wash: 1 drum (55 USG) BioCal in 25 bbls (25:1) of good quality (low Na, low EC, and low TDS) water.
  • As Overspray: In conjunction with treatment of other historical spills and as an aid in remediation, the following guidelines are recommended:
    1. 25:1 for Sandy Soil
    2. 20:1 for Loamy Soil
    3. 10-15:1 for Clayey Soil
  • Ordering Guidelines: (to treat the upper 10” of soil)
    1. Where TDS < 50,000, order 4 drums per acre
    2. Where TDS < 100,000, order 6 drums per acre
    3. Where TDS < 150,000, order 8 drums per acre

Cautions for Use

BioCal is a product made with calcium nitrate. Care should be taken not to allow nitrates to enter water sources.

BioCal should not be allowed to freeze. If the product freezes, it will crystallize but can be returned to the manufacturer to be reblended.
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